2020 Festival is cancelled

We are no longer accepting applications for 2020. Please check back next year for 2021 Applications

Vendor applications are now available for the 35th Annual Mushroom Festival on Saturday, September 12 (10 am to 7 pm)  and Sunday, September 13 (10 am to 5 pm) in downtown Kennett Square, PA.  We plan to have about 250 craft, food, and promotional vendors lining the streets throughout the Borough of Kennett Square.

As one of the premier Street Festivals in the region, the Mushroom Festival attracts a diverse, family-friendly crowd from the quad-state region of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey, as well as guests from across the country and even around the world. Join the excitement as a vendor!

The Mushroom Festival events will continue rain or shine. Events may need to be delayed due to weather. However, we attempt not to cancel whenever possible. In the event of severe weather, excessive rain or flooding, including thunder and lightning, events will stop or be delayed.  In those extreme cases, please be cautious and take cover.  Vendors are to be fully prepared to protect against adverse conditions, such as rain, wind, sun, heat, etc. If severe weather conditions persist, i.e., thunderstorm/lightning, the Festival will temporarily close down and then reopen. Vehicles will not be allowed in the Festival area during cloudbursts – please be prepared to protect your merchandise. Vendors are expected to reopen their vendor spaces as soon as possible once the weather has cleared and the Festival reopens. No refunds will be issued for inclement weather. All spaces are located on the street. Drainage from rain can occur. If you have tubs, cardboard boxes, etc., please consider placing merchandise on wooden pallets to keep your merchandise dry.

Application submission for Early Bird Discount — postmarked by May 15, 2020
Application submission —  postmarked by June 30, 2020


Craft Vendor:
Craft Vendors Applications are for those who sell items they make.  It also encompasses pre-packaged food products, not for consumption at the Festival. Priority is given those with mushroom related items.


Food Vendor:
Food Vendor Applications are for those who are preparing food to be consumed at the Festival. All Food Vendors are required to have a Chester County Health Department license and provide insurance naming the Mushroom Festival as additionally insured. Priority is given to those preparing foods with mushrooms.


Promotional Vendors are those who market their product, business or services only and are not selling an item at the Festival. Regular Promotional Vendor spaces are located on the side streets in one of our Business Expo areas. Premium Promotional Vendor spaces are available along State Street (see separate application). These spaces are limited.  Apply early for best placement.



  1. In signing the application agreement, vendors must understand that all items to be sold must be disclosed during the jury process. If items are brought in which haven’t been juried, festival staff will ask to have said items to be removed. Noncompliance will result in your removal from future festivals.
  2. Vendor space fees are non-refundable upon acceptance into the festival.
  3. Check or credit card number must be included with your application. Applications will not be processed without payment in full if you are selected.
  4. This is an outdoor, two-day street festival and vendor space spaces may not be completely level.
  5. Vendors also understand that setup times are firm. Any change needed for set up times must be communicated when set up information is received. If vendor arrives late, vendor will need to cart supplies to their space as they may not be able to pull a car up to the vendor space unless determined to be safe by The Mushroom Festival staff.
  6. Vendors are responsible for safe storage containment and full value of all materials.
  7. Electricity is available for some vendor space locations for an additional fee of $75. Please plan to bring 50’ to 100’ of heavy duty extension cord to connect to your outlet.
  8. The Mushroom Festival is not responsible for safe keeping, loss or damage of any merchandise.
  9. Vendors are not permitted to bring alcohol or pets, except service animals, into the festival area.
  10. Vendors may not sublet any portion of their space to another vendor.
  11. Open flames are not permitted.
  12. All returned checks are subject to a $50 fee.


  1. Application completed in full and legible. Remember to select your category or categories to correctly define your merchandise being sold.
  2. Four (4) photographs labeled with your name and address and one photo must be representative of your vendor space/ display. PREVIOUS VENDORS ARE EXEMPT.
  3. Check or credit card number must be included with your application. All returned checks are subject to a $50 service fee.
  4. Self-addressed, stamped ($0.84), business size, if you want your photos returned.