National Fried Mushroom Eating Championship

The 2021 National Fried Mushroom Eating Contest will be amateur only! 12 contestants will battle to be the Amateur Fried Mushroom Eating Champion!

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Information from the 2019 Fried Mushroom Eating Contest- 

Will the World Record of 11.5 pounds of delicious Buona Food’s breaded fried mushrooms devoured in 8 minutes be broken this year? We’re rooting for it!

The 2018 Fried Mushroom Eating Championship was a fantastic display of gastric greatness, complimented by another amazing Kennett Square Mushroom Festival crowd! This year’s contest had an entirely new feel and flavor, as not only did Buona Foods cook their delicious fried mushrooms AT THE TENT for maximum freshness (and were they fresh!!!), but KMC also had 2 of their dance groups perform at the tent for the pre-show, and emcee/Kennett native Monty “Moe Train” Wiradilaga introduced all eaters to their own theme songs as they came to the stage through the middle of the crowd! 93.7 WSTW FM’s super DJ Brian Soscia once again proved a fantastic asset to opening the festivities with his top notch mic skills. The Festival’s most attended event gets bigger and bigger each year, and this year proved that point!

With another standing room only crowd, the 2018 FMEC was so loud enough, that the crowd noise was heard at the other end of the festival. With the mass amounts of mushrooms consumed, the eaters definitely soaked up the energy! 2018 brought over 20 eaters, both professional and local amateurs, which easily was one of the top mushroom consumption years in the history of the contest.

Returning this year were world renowned competitive eaters Dave “Tiger Wings” Brunelli, Bob “The Notorious B.O.B.” Shoudt, Dan “Killer” Kennedy, Wing Bowl villain Pittsburgh Paulie, and local champ “Tank” McDowell. This year also brought YouTube star and top 10 Wing Bowl finisher Nadia White to the table. Nadia is the first real professional title threat since Molly Schuyler’s early dominance of the contest. Elsmere’s favorite son, Stefan “Frankie Paul/The Freak” Talabisco was in the house to “operate, bro.”

The amazing aroma of freshly cooked Buona Foods fried mushrooms filled the tent, only poking the embers of the fire of hunger in our eaters’ bellies. With a traditional countdown from ten, Moe Train harnessed the crowd’s energy and launched the contest into another dimension!

The eating pace was at a furious pitch. The pros knocked out pound after pound of this challenging contest food, as some of the locals also started off strong. Some of the locals talked a big game, and could back it up… but others… Well, one can say they bit off more they could chew, and swallow. Competitive eating isn’t for everyone, and takes months of preparation, practice and mental toughness. If an eater is defeated mentally, then they will be done before they dominate.

Tiger Wings, B.O.B., Killer and Nadia were all neck to neck, with Andrew Puhl, the newcomer from Western PA, keeping pace with the perennial leaders! The standing room only crowd pushed the eaters to their limits as the countdown timer got lower and lower. Some eaters shoveled as many mushrooms in their mouths as possible with the “chipmunking” style, while others threw in the proverbial white flag in defeat. As the time expired, all eaters were visibly spent, and overcome with an inhuman caloric spike which separates the amateurs from the pros.

The Kennett Square Mushroom Festival crowd was on the edges of their seats as referees Frankie Floats and Fightin’ Phil confirmed the final tally, Once again, “Tank” McDowell took the local title, moving him to professional status, opening up the field for a new local winner in 2019! 5th Overall 3rd place winner was captured by the newcomer, Andrew Puhl, who just edged out his friend “Killer” Kennedy who finished in 4th. “The Notorious B.O.B.” pulled in second, while “Tiger Wings” once again brought home the $1000 first place prize!

If you have the intestinal fortitude to compete with some of the world’s top competitive eaters, be sure to enter as early as possible, as spots fill faster and faster each year! Thanks to everyone involved, especially contest sponsors Gale and Pete Ferranto from Buona Foods
( ). 2019’s contest will be here before we know it, and we look forward to seeing YOU there!

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