National Fried Mushroom Eating Championship

Will the World Record of 11.5 pounds of delicious Buona Food’s breaded fried mushrooms devoured in 8 minutes be broken this year? We’re rooting for it!

Date: Saturday, Sept. 9
Time: 3 pm
Location: Special Events Tent (E. State and Willow Streets)

The 6th Annual Fried Mushroom Eating Championship promises to be another great time whether you are one of our hungry competitors trying to break the world record or just there to cheer on our competitors.

Competitive eating pros and aspiring amateurs will compete together in an event which will test their gastronomical boundaries, as well as create an electric atmosphere for the contest attendees.

Fancy yourself a Food Warrior? Do you dare to dine and dominate? Is your voracious appetite as loud as your bark? Have you ever yearned to experience the glory and adrenaline rush of consuming copious amounts of food in front of hundreds of raucous, adoring fans? We want you to compete!

Last year we crowned our first Local Champion as John “Tank” McDowell devoured 3.5 pounds. The “Locals”, amateur eaters within 15-miles of Kennett Square, will be aiming to take this title away from him.

The 11.5 pound World Record set in 2014 will be hard to beat. Competitors will need to devour nearly 1.5 pounds of mushrooms a minute to beat the record. It will take the cheers, whoops, and hollers of everyone encouraging the competitors to keep going. Come join us for the fun.

Kennett Square’s own Monty “Moe Train” Wiradilaga will host the National Fried Mushroom Championship again this year. Wiradilaga, a competitive eater and show host, is a former amateur National Fried Mushroom Eating Champion, and a top-5 finisher in WIP’s Wing Bowl.

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Monty’s video are produced by MAKE Productions LLC of Wilmington, DE.

Results from Previous Years