We are so excited that this year we will be pre-screening the new film, Fantastic Fungi: The Magic Beneath Us. 

In a world where many are struggling for connection, hope and a sense of purpose, the mycelium kingdom has much to offer.
Our opportunity to create a healthier world might be lying right beneath our feet.
Imagine an organism that feeds you, heals you, reveals the secrets of the universe and could help save the planet. It’s in the ground
right beneath your feet, and all around you. Fantastic Fungi is a journey into the mysterious world of mycelium and mushrooms that
comes to show us what is possible.
Fantastic Fungi, shot and directed by Louie Schwartzberg, is an inspiring and soul-touching journey into the mysterious subterranean
world of mycelium and its fruit – the mushroom. A story that begins 3.5 billion years ago, fungi makes the soil that supports life, with
its mycelial networks connecting vast systems of roots from plants and trees all over the planet, like an underground Internet.
Through the eyes of mycologists, like renowned expert Paul Stamets, best selling authors Michael Pollan and Eugenia Bone, Andrew
Weill and other mushroom enthusiasts, we become increasingly aware of the power, beauty and complexity of the fungi kingdom.
Mycology expert Stephen Apkon will be present at the pre-screening.
The pre-screening will be Saturday, September 7, in the Culinary Tent at 4:30pm. Ticket information will be updated shortly and tickets will be available at the door.