Mushroom Festival Cookbook

The idea started when a cardboard box filled with the recipes saved from the various cooking contests in the 1980s was discovered in the Mushroom Festival’s storage unit.

Board member and Culinary Tent Chairperson, Jen Basciani, sifted through all the recipes to bring back the recipes from our past for you to enjoy today. Then after sifting through the original box, she hunted through the Festival’s files and compiled even more recipes from the various recent amateur cooking contests and even some from our celebrity and local chefs.

Mary Jo Casey worked with Jen to turn the recipes from individual files into a beautiful, usable cookbook.

A Treasury of Mushroom Recipes, the 30th Anniversary Mushroom Festival Cookbook is a 120+ pages of mushroom recipes and includes some Festival photos from the ages.

The cover was adapted from 30th Mushroom Festival T-Shirt design by Carol Little.

It is sold for $15 at the Souvenir Booth (Broad and State Streets) and at all three Mushroom Sales Booths during the Festival. Between Festivals copies may be purchased at The Mushroom Cap, 114 W. State Street, Kennett Square, PA, or by calling the Festival Office at 610-925-3373.