It was 96+ degrees (in the shade) on Saturday, Sept. 10 for the 5th Annual Fried Mushroom Eating Championship but 24 contestants rallied to vie for the 2016 trophy, $1000 prize, and bragging rights as the reigning Fried Mushroom Eating Championship.

First Place: Dave “Termite” Wood devoured 4 pounds of Buona’s breaded fried mushrooms.

Local Champion (and Second Place overall finisher): John “Tank” McDowell devoured 3.5 pounds.

Dave “US MALE” Goldstein was the Third Place eater with 3.25 pounds.

Tyler “Fungi-Ty” Smith was the runner-up Local Champion with 1.5 pounds.

The World Record stands at 11.5 pounds of fried mushrooms.

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