On this page you will find vendors listed two ways. Alphabetical is first.  Scroll down to find the block by block vendors list.

Look on the Lamppost for flags marking the various blocks where you will find your favorite vendors. In general:
A Block
(State Street from East Entrance to Marshall Street)
B Block
(State Street Marshall Street to Broad Street)
C Block
(State Street from Broad Street to North Union Street)
D Block
(State Street from North Union Street to Center Street)
E Block
(State Street from Center Street to Meredith Street )
F Block
(West State Street from Meredith Street to Lafayette Street)
G Block
(West State Street from Lafayette Street to West Entrance)
M Block:
(Meredith Street between State and Cypress Streets)
SU Block
(South Union Street between State Street and Cypress Street)


Alphabetical Listing

ACRE Windows: M08
Adventures in Lala Land: G08
Amber and Christmas Ornaments: E38
Anchor Life and Fitness: BHND GRWR TENT
Appleby Systems: A13
Artistic Edge: E77
Ashley Austin: D12
Aston Windsor Chair Shop: E27
Avon: A06
Bath Fitter: SU08
Beaucycled: A60
Belly Up Boards: A56
Big E’s LLC: D70
Bohemia Pink : G02
Brazuca Brazilian Restaurant and Catering: E67
Brine Street Picklery: E08
Bucks Restaurant/Blue Marlin Catering: C19
Buona Foods: C18/C20
Burris Country Kitchen: D16
Butterfly Farm Pet Treats: E49
Cabot Creamery Cooperative: M07
Cannoli Girls: C07
Carol’s Custom Birdhouses: D53
Castle Doors and Windows: SU03
Center Court Productions: E63
Certitude Home Improvements:
Chadds Ford Climate Control: B06
Chantilly Blue: D34
Charles Metzger Pottery: D09
Chubbs Creative Crafts: E42
Cindy’s Craft Corner: D43
Closets by design: M02
CM Bars – The Chocolate Moonshine Co: A34
Coco Bongos: A74/A76
Comcast: A62
Country Butcher Fine Foods: C40
Crazyfaces Facepainting: F20
Created to Enjoy: D55
Cricket Wireless: G
Crisp Pickles: D55
Crystal Climbers: E25
Currie Hair and Nails: C13
Cutco Cutlery: M06
Damsel in Defense: E33
Danielle’s Candles: F28A/28B
David Owens: B51
Demca Demonstration Consultants: D67
Designs by Deena: B13
Designs by Joanna Stanek: E59
Dettori Foods (Snack N. Shrooms): D44
Dippin’ Dots: D62
Diver Chevrolet: A18-26
Dolly-Duds: E13
Dutch-Room LLC: B39
East End Foodies/Seven Barrels: D39
Elizabeth Passo. Author: E87
Emkay Bead Designs: B05
EZ Hang Chairs: B01/03
Family Fun Pillowcases: A07
First Baptist Church of Kennett Square: G01A/B
Five Star Home Foods: SU02
Foot Bling Things!: E40
Foresters Financial: E91
Fresh and Fancy: G06
Fresh Batch Jams: F38
Frivolous Cottage: B19
Fudge-o-lutely: F14
Gardner/Fox Associate: SU12
Giorgio Fresh: D20A
Gold Peak Tea: E02A
Goldie Flower Stand: A21
Goodway Bakery: A09
Gosia’s Pierogies: C08
Gourmet Creations: B47
Grassroots Handicrafts: F21/23
Green Eyed Lady: C48
Green Mountain Energy Company: E93
Greg’s Antiques and Garden: F22/24/26
GuatemalanGoodies: E02
Hai Street Kitchens: C21
Half Moon Restaurant: D20
Haly Home Comfort and Great Valley Propane: SU04
Health Partners Plans: SU14
Hilton Garden Inn: D52
Hip Klips Mini Purse: G04
Hockessin Athletic Club: SU05
Hoffman Exterminating Co: SU10
Home Décor by Terri : G18/20
Houppett Ltd: D01
indeed it’s handmade: A47
International Montessori School of Wilmington: SU13
Isabeau Grace Boutique: E61
J & J Kettle Korn: D66
JD Gourmet: B53
Kacie’s Cause: SU07
Kennett Design: D31
Kennett Brewing Company: B57
Kennett Square Inn: B61
Kennett Square Jewelers: D33
Kennettees: A15
Kent crafts: E06
Kids First Swim School: SU11
King Rex’s Pralines: A48
kitchen Magic: M05
L. R. Wood Craft: E17
La Cigale: E15
La Madera Bistro: C44
La Michoacana Homemade Ice Cream: C26
La Verona Restaurant: C22
Landenberg Pet Resort: M10
Landhope Farms: B41
Laura Stinson: E04
Laurel  Valley Farms: C15
Laurkat Consulting: SU06
Lawler Kenpo Karate: G16
Leaf Filter North of PA: M04
Lily Asian Cuisine: D08
Linda Weisberger:  Artist: D59
Little House Candles: D65
Logos Photography: E32
Longwood Art Gallery: B14
Lucky Treasures and Triple B Mine: E46
Maku Designs: D37
Mala Galleria: B04
Mamoucha Soaps: E23
Mango Bay: E47
Marche: C14
Massaging Insoles by Dancing Feet: E11
McCollam Hat Sales: A39
Me & My Dog Pet Bakery: A45
Meredith Jensen: A31
Merriweather’s: A50
Metamorphosis Wellness Center: A01
Mid Atlantic Food Service: D02/ E71
Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing: E89
Missy Moo Designs: A12
Mix-N-Magic: E34
Mrembo Gift Shop: E26
Mushroom Cap/Growing Tree: D24/26
Mushroom Gear. Com: E55
Nature Scripts: E85
Nectar of the Vine: A46
Nica-Art: E21
Nicole Kristiana Studio: F16
No 109: D15
Nomadic Pies: D58
Old European Stoneware: B12
PA Fudge Company: A35
Painted Sky Alpaca Farm: E10
Pampered Chef: E39
Papa’s Kettle Korn: C23
Passanate’s Home Food Services: A64
Pat’s Crystal Nail Files: E16
Paws and Claws: E75
Penn Medicine: D74
Pet Bandanas: A54
Philly Wood Art: A30
Philter Coffee: D17
Portabellos Restaurant: D25
Potchak A/C Inc.: M01
Pottery & Country 4 You: E14
Power Home Remodeling Group: SU01
Pretzelphoria: B43
R & D Heating and Cooling: A40
Ransome CAT: E05
Razz’s Hickory Syrup: E51
Recycled Art: E57
Reedleblug LLC: A17
Reishi-Licious: D11
Renewal by Anderson: A70
Retro Gourmet Confectioners: A27
Rita’s Italian Ice and Frozen Custard: A14
Rock Reborn: F09
Rocky’s Hot Sauce Corp: E45
Rolling Hills Farms: E29
Schweigart’s Sugar: G12
Scout and Annie: C09
Serious Whimsey: F36
Sew Good to See You!: F11
Shady Hill Clayworks: F17
Sherri’s Crab Cake: C30
Sila Heating and Air Conditioning: B21
Silpada Designs: E37
Slink-ette/Timeless Treasures: A29
Smackerals Made to Order Bakery: C36
Soda City: M13/B27/29
Solar City: A68
Sou-Pasta/ Pappardelle’s Pasta: D38
South Hill Designs/Mialisia/Youngevity: B49
Spices & Stuff: D61
State and Union: D03/05
State Farm: F02
State Street Pizza: C34
Stella Jeanne’s Festival Foods: B35
Stone Spring Suri Farm: D49
Sunny Dell Foods: E07
Superior Energy Plus: M11
Sweely Lane Sweets: A42
Take a SCENTamental Journey: E22
Talula’s Table: D04
Taste Artisanal Market: D47
Teresa Precious Beads: B23
Tesla Motors: E01/03
The Bacon Jams: F15
The Comfort Station: D54
The Cow and the Curd: B33
The Flash: C12
The Hot Dog Lady: F10
The Meat House: C25
The Wandering Chef Catering Cart: F06
The Wireless Experience — ATT Authorized Dealer: A66
The Woodlands at Phillips: B15/17
Toe Ring Expressions: A33
Top Dog Concessions: C02/04/06
Torchbearer Sauces: A41/43
Torelli’s Custom Shop: C03
Treemendous Tree Care: M03
Tuna Monster LLC: F30
Tupperware: E35
Usborne Books and More: E28
Vector Security: A38
Victory Brewing Co: G
ViVi Jewelry/ formerly Cookie Lee Jewelry: E41
Waffatopia: E30
Walgreens: M09
WGK Glass Art: B09
Willowdale Chapel
Wine Barrel Designs: F01/03
Wood Designs by Ken: F19
Woodside Creamery: C31/33
Wordnerd Apparel: B07
Y and S Hand craft Corporation: A25

Vendors by Block

Look on the Lamppost for flags marking the various blocks where you will find your favorite vendors.

A Block (State Street from East Entrance to Marshall Street)
A01: Metamorphosis Wellness Center
A06: Avon
A07: Family Fun Pillowcases
A09: Goodway Bakery
A12: Missy Moo Designs
A13: Appleby Systems
A14: Rita’s Italian Ice and Frozen Custard
A15: Kennettees
A17: Reedleblug LLC
A18-26: Diver Chevrolet
A21: Goldie Flower Stand
A25: Y and S Hand craft Corporation
A27: Retro Gourmet Confectioners
A29: Slink-ette/Timeless Treasures
A30: Philly Wood Art
A31: Meredith Jensen
A33: Toe Ring Expressions
A34: CM Bars – The Chocolate Moonshine Co:
A35: PA Fudge Company
A38: Vector Security
A39: McCollam Hat Sales
A40: R & D Heating and Cooling
A41/43: Torchbearer Sauces
A42: Sweely Lane Sweets
A45: Me & My Dog Pet Bakery
A46: Nectar of the Vine
A47: indeed it’s handmade
A48: King Rex’s Pralines
A50: Merriweather’s
A54: Pet Bandanas
A56: Belly Up Boards
A60: Beaucycled
A62: Comcast
A64: Passanate’s Home Food Services
A66: The Wireless Experience — ATT Authorized Dealer
A68: Solar City
A70: Renewal by Anderson
A74/A76: Coco Bongos of NY

B Block (State Street Marshall Street to Broad Street)
B01/03: EZ Hang Chairs
B04: Mala Galleria
B05: Emkay Bead Designs
B06: Chadds Ford Climate Control
B07: Wordnerd Apparel
B09: WGK Glass Art:  Inc
B12: Old Eurpoean Stoneware
B13: Designs by Deena:  LLC
B14: Longwood Art Gallery
B15/17: The Woodlands at Phillips
B19: Frivolous Cottage
B21: Sila Heating and Air Conditioning
B23: Teresa Precious Beads
B27/29: Soda City
B33: The Cow and the Curd
B35: Stella Jeanne’s Festival Foods
B39: Dutch-Room LLC
B41: Landhope Farms
B43: Pretzelphoria
B47: Gourmet Creations
B49: South Hill Designs/Mialisia/Youngevity
B51: David Owens
B53: JD Gourmet
B57: Kennett Brewing Company
B61: Kennett Square Inn
BHND GRWR TENT: Anchor Life and Fitness

C Block (State Street from Broad Street to North Union Street)
C02/04/06: Top Dog Concessions
C03: Torelli’s Custom Shop
C07: Cannoli Girls
C08: Gosia’s Pierogies
C09: Scout and Annie
C12: The Flash
C13: Currie Hair and Nails
C14: Marche
C15: Laurel  Valley Farms
C18/C20: Buona Foods:  Inc.
C19: Bucks Restaurant/Blue Marlin Catering
C21: Hai Street Kitchens
C22: La Verona Restaurant
C23: Papa’s Kettle Korn
C25: The Meat House
C26: La Michoacana Homemade Ice Cream
C30: Sherri’s Crab Cake
C31/33: Woodside Creamery
C34: State Street Pizza
C36: Smackerals Made to Order Bakery
C40: Country Butcher Fine Foods
C44: La Madera Bistro
C48: Green Eyed Lady
D Block(State Street from North Union Street to Center Street)
D01: Houppett Ltd
D02: Mid Atlantic Food Service
D03/05: State and Union
D04: Talula’s Table
D08: Lily Asian Cuisine
D09: Charles Metzger Pottery
D11: Reishi-Licious
D12: Ashley Austin
D15: No 109
D16: Burris Country Kitchen
D17: Philter Coffee
D20: Half Moon Restaurant
D20A: Giorgio Fresh
D24/26: Mushroom Cap/Growing Tree
D25: Portabellos Restaurant
D31: Kennett Design
D33: Kennett Square Jewelers
D34: Chantilly Blue
D37: Maku Designs
D38: Sou-Pasta/ Pappardelle’s Pasta
D39: East End Foodies/Seven Barrels
D43: Cindy’s Craft Corner
D44: Dettori Foods:  LLC (Snack N. Shrooms)
D47: Taste Artisanal Market
D49: Stone Spring Suri Farm
D52: Hilton Garden Inn
D53: Carol’s Custom Birdhouses
D54: The Comfort Station
D55: Created to Enjoy
D55: Crisp Pickles
D58: Nomadic Pies
D59: Linda Weisberger:  Artist
D61: Spices & Stuff
D62: Dippin’ Dots
D65: Little House Candles
D66: J & J Kettle Korn
D67: Demca Demonstration Consultants
D70: Big E’s LLC
D74: Penn Medicine
E Block (State Street from Center Street to Meredith Street )
E01/03: Tesla Motors
E02: Guatemalen Goodies
E02A: Gold Peak Tea
E04: Laura Stinson
E05: Ransome CAT
E06: Kent Crafts
E07: Sunny Dell Foods
E08: Brine Street Picklery
E10: Painted Sky Alpaca Farm
E11: Massaging Insoles by Dancing Feet
E13: Dolly-Duds
E14: Pottery & Country 4 You
E15: La Cigale
E16: Pat’s Crystal Nail Files
E17: L. R. Wood Craft
E21: Nica-Art
E22: Take a SCENTamental Journey
E23: Mamoucha Soaps
E25: Crystal Climbers
E26: Mrembo Gift Shop
E27: Aston Windsor Chair Shop
E28: Usborne Books and More
E29: Rolling Hills Farms
E30: Waffatopia
E32: Logos Photography
E33: Damsel in Defense
E34: Mix-N-Magic (formerly Stone House Mixes)
E35: Tupperware
E37: Silpada Designs
E38: Amber and Christmas Ornaments
E39: Pampered Chef
E40: Foot Bling Things!
E41: ViVi Jewelry
E42: Chubbs Creative Crafts
E45: Rocky’s Hot Sauce Corp
E46: Lucky Treasures and Triple B Mine
E47: Mango Bay
E49: Butterfly Farm Pet Treats
E51: Razz’s Hickory Syrup
E55: Mushroom Gear. Com
E57: Recycled Art
E59: Designs by Joanna Stanek
E61: Isabeau Grace Boutique
E63: Center Court Productions
E67: Brazuca Brazilian Restaurant and Catering
E71: Mid Atlantic Food Service
E75: Paws and Claws
E77: Artistic Edge
E85: Nature Scripts
E87: Elizabeth Passo. Author
E89: Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing
E91: Foresters Financial
E93: Green Mountain Energy Company

F Block (West State Street from Meredith Street to Lafayette Street)
F01/03: Wine Barrel Designs
F02: State Farm
F06: The Wandering Chef Catering Cart
F09: Rock Reborn
F10: The Hot Dog Lady
F11: Sew Good to See You!
F14: Fudge-o-lutely
F15: The Bacon Jams
F16: Nicole Kristiana Studio
F17: Shady Hill Clayworks
F19: Wood Designs by Ken
F20: Crazyfaces Facepainting
F21/23: Grassroots Handicrafts
F22/24/26: Greg’s Antiques and Garden
F28A/28B: Danielle’s Candles
F30: Tuna Monster
F36: Serious Whimsey
F38: Fresh Batch Jams
G Block (West State Street from Lafayette Street to West Entrance)
G01A/B: First Baptist Church of Kennett Square
G02: Bohemia Pink
G04: Hip Klips Mini Purse
G06: Fresh and Fancy
G08: Adventures in Lala Land
G12: Schweigarts Sugar
G16: Lawler Kenpo Karate
G18/20: Home Décor by Terri

M Block: (Meredith Street between State and Cypress Streets)
M01: Potchak A/C Inc.
M02: Closets by design
M03: Treemendous Tree Care
M04: Leaf Filter North of PA
M05: kitchen Magic
M06: Cutco Cutlery
M07: Cabot Creamery Cooperative
M08: ACRE Windows
M09: Walgreens
M10: Landenberg Pet Resort
M11: Superior Energy Plus
M13: Soda City
SU Block (South Union Street between State Street and Cypress Street)
SU01: Power Home Remodeling Group
SU02: Five Star Home Foods
SU03: Castle Doors and Windows
SU04: Haly Home Comfort and Great Valley Propane
SU05: Hockessin Athletic Club
SU06: Laurkat Consulting
SU07: Kacie’s Cause
SU08: Bath Fitter
SU10: Hoffman Exterminating Co.
SU11: Kids First Swim School
SU12: Gardner/Fox Associate
SU13: International Montessori School of Wilmington
SU14: Health Partners Plans