Students Artists Wanted for 2017 Mushroom Festival’s Painted Mushroom Silent Auction

This year the Mushroom Festival is seeking high school student artists to paint the concrete garden stools for the annual Painted Mushroom Silent Auction.

Submit your sketch and entry form for consideration by May 31.
Download the 2017 Painted Mushroom Silent Auction information and entry form

Things to Know

  1. All high school artists are encouraged to submit a sketch and entry form by May 31st to participate in the Mushroom Festival’s Painted Mushroom Silent Auction
  2. Eight finalists will be selected to paint the 108 lb. concrete garden mushroom stools.
  3. The Painted Mushrooms will be part of a Silent Auction during the Mushroom Festival. Prizes will be awarded to the top three artists whose painted mushroom collects the most money at the Silent Auction and a special prize is awarded to the artist of the Painted Mushroom who wins the Viewer’s Choice during the Mushroom Festival.
  4. Prizes: $300 for First Place, $200 for Second Place, $100 for Third Place and $100 for the Viewer’s Choice winner.
  5. The Mushroom Festival will provide the primer and the sealant. Artists must provide their own paint.
  6. These are outdoor garden stools. All mediums used to decorate the concrete mushroom must be compatible with the outdoors.
  7. The concrete mushrooms will be available for pick-up by June 15. They must be picked up at Kennett Glass (112 W. State Street) between normal business hours. It takes two people to lift the concrete mushroom into a vehicle.
  8. A credit card or a check for $100 must be provided when picking up the concrete mushroom. The credit card will only be charged $100 or the check will only be cashed if the concrete mushroom is not painted in time for the auction and not returned to the Festival.
  9. JPG photos of the Painted Mushroom, an artist’s statement and a bio of the artist are due to the Mushroom Festival by August 10 for placement on the Festival’s website.
  10. Painted Mushrooms MUST be delivered to the Mushroom Festival Office on Friday, September 8 from 10 am to 4 pm OR delivered to the Painted Mushroom Silent Auction booth (near the Kennett Inn) between 6 am and 8 am on Saturday, September 9.

Questions? — call 610-925-3373

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