Painted Mushrooms Now on Display

The 2016  Painted Mushrooms

Eight very talented local artists are in the process of creating one-of-a-kind works of art from a 108-lb., 30-inch tall, concrete mushroom. The results are stunning. They are on display throughout Kennett Square.  Check them out when you are in town!

Want to take one home?  The Painted Mushroom Silent Auction runs during the Mushroom Festival from Saturday, Sept.10 at 10 am until Sunday, September 11 at 4:00 pm. Bids are accepted at the Painted Mushroom Silent Auction Booth, located near State and Broad Streets.

Proxy bids will be accepted through Thursday, September 10. Please call the Festival Office at 610-925-3373 or email for details.

go pokemon smallGo Pokemon!
By Cristen Hess
Sponsor: S & L Services
Location: corner of Willow and Cypress Streets, Kennett Square

Cristen Hess holds a B.S. in Art Education from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania where she focused on painting and watercolor. She currently teaches Elementary Art at Family Foundations Academy in New Castle, DE. Cristen has been the Summer Camp Art Director at The Independence School in Newark, DE for the past two summers. She is experienced in painting wall murals, traditional scenes, abstract works, and paintings inspired by nature. Cristen has a passion for creating and teaching art because applying human creative skills and imagination gives a person a sense of accomplishment and empowers people to communicate ideas that words and numbers cannot always express. Click here to see more of  Cristen’s art

mycelium smallMycelium
By Derek Brennan
Sponsor: Kennett Brewing Company
Location: S. Broad Street and Apple Alley, Kennett Square

Derek is an artist from Lancaster County Pennsylvania. He is the resident artist at Kennett Brewing Company. Derek studied at Tyler School of Art, Temple University in Philadelphia. He is a migrant worker, doing various things, including artwork, across the US. He recently returned from Ecuador on a research assignment. He finds inspiration in big trees and mountains, and enjoys “getting after it”. Click here to  see more of his work or follow Derek  @bobbyrivers

Reverence for Life small Reverence for Life
By Caitlin Daugherty
Sponsor: Kennett Design
Location: 117 State Street, Kennett Square

Caitlin Daugherty graduated from Kutztown University in May 2015 with her degree in Fine Arts and a minor in Psychology. She is the studio assistant to professional artist Susan Melrath who owns a store front studio in Oxford, PA. She is also a youth art instructor at the Oxford Arts Alliance in Oxford, PA. During the week she is the studio manager and an artist for Kennett Design in Kennett Square, PA. She wishes to continue her pursuit as an instructor for art organizations to build a substantial art community in small towns. She is passionate about bringing people together through art and emphasizes the importance of art-making as a fun way to release stress and replace it with inspiration!

The mushroom I’ve created is called “Reverence for Life” because I feel connected to the Earth, soil, and our natural world. I wish to respect it, keep it sacred, and have others connect in the same way. I use Buddha, lotus flowers, and natural organic shapes to communicate my message. The shapes used are the same as the ones I use in my own personal work. The piece is meant to be peaceful, calming, and symbolic of nature.


golden mushroom smallGolden Mushroom
By Katie Hensel-Carcoura

Sponsor: Matt Fetick Team, Keller Williams Realty
Location: 421 McFarland Road, Kennett Square

Katie Hensel-Carcoura was born and raised in Newport, Delaware. She was lucky to be born with crafty bones in her body because her Dad’s Mom was a painter, and her Mom’s Mom was a crafter of just about anything from quilting to painting! In High School Katie took a pottery class that sparked her creative interest, when she graduated she continued making pottery by going to the Absalom Jones Art Studio.

In 2004, Katie was in a car accident that seriously injured her neck causing her to stop making pottery. Over the years she has tried many different crafts trying to find one that didn’t bother her neck too much and kept her from getting bored of it! Katie’s work includes: jewelry, custom frames; Christmas, and all season ornaments, wreathes, headpieces, acrylic keepsakes, memorial crafts and mixed media artwork. Katie loves putting her heart and soul into the art she creates.

Katie’s 2016 Golden Mushroom is mixed media, using many of her favorite embellishments. The top of the mushroom has been decorated using micro beads and a finely ground glass known as diamond dust. The ivy, butterflies or dragonflies are made from flower petals, using a flower press. There are natural stones Hessonite and Topaz on the underside and separating the two small mushrooms.


terry lynn critters smallLa Mancha
By Jennifer Lex Wojnar
Sponsor: Terry Lynn’s Critters Pet Sitting Service
Location: Paw and Claws,  305 W. State Street, Kennett Square
Jennifer has a BFA from the Tyler School of Art/Temple. She is a mom, painter, coloring book illustrator & art teacher. She currently teaches at Art First Inc & Chinese American Community Center Montessori School, in Hockessin, Delaware.

See more of her art on her etsy page.

Jennifer’s mushroom reflects Terry Lynn’s Critters’ love for animals and her love for La Mancha Pet Rescue.

image1[4].JPGVictory Island
By Dan Knabb
Sponsor: Victory Brewing Company
Location: 650 W. Cypress Street, Kennett Square
Dan Knabb has been drawing and cartooning since the age of 12. Early success with flash animation led him to pursue a degree at the University of the Arts but he eventually left to fulfill a dream to walk across the country. He is currently the resident chalk board artist at Victory Brewing company.

Artist’s Statement: Whether you love it or hate it, the tree on Victory Island is now a permanent fixture in our town.  I see the tree as a symbol for the growth and development of Kennett Square.  The change is resisted by some but will ultimately lead to a brighter more prosperous community.


Check back later for the final 2 mushrooms!

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