National Fried Mushroom Eating Championship

It was 96+ degrees (in the shade)  on Saturday, Sept. 10 for the 5th Annual Fried Mushroom Eating Championship but 24 contestants rallied to vie for the 2016 trophy,  $1000 prize, and bragging rights as the reigning Fried Mushroom Eating Championship.

First Place: Dave “Termite” Wood devoured 4 pounds of Buona’s breaded fried mushrooms.

Local Champion (and Second Place overall finisher): John “Tank” McDowell devoured 3.5 pounds.

Dave “US MALE” Goldstein was the Third Place eater with 3.25 pounds.

Tyler “Fungi-Ty” Smith was the runner-up Local Champion with 1.5 pounds.

Click to see MOE TRAIN’S video of the 2016 National Fried Mushroom Eating Championship

Check this out: Moe Train Eats the Kennett Square Mushroom Festival!

The World Record stands at 11.5 pounds of fried mushrooms in just 8 minutes for a second year.





eating-13This year’s contest featured a new, high-energy emcee, Kennett Square’s own Monty “Moe Train” Wiradilaga.  Wiradilaga, a competitive eater and show host, is a former amateur National Fried Mushroom Eating Champion, and a top-10 finisher in WIP’s Wing Bowl.

 Monty is also in the process of filming and hosting Moe Train Eats:, a show based on his experiences in food, drink, travel, and life.  The first episodes are titled Moe Train Eats: Kennett Square, montewhere he will be visiting many of Kennett Square’s finest restaurants, breweries, and businesses, as well as interviewing the citizens of one of the “best small towns in America.”  Moe Train Eats: is produced by MAKE Productions LLC of Wilmington, DE.

Questions?  contact Monty Wiradilaga:




Buona Foods’ (Landenberg, Pennsylvania)  Ferranto family, provides the delicious and official fried breaded mushrooms for the Mushroom Festival’s Fried Mushroom Eating Championship. For four consecutive years, Buona Foods has been a gracious sponsor, as well as providing one of the Festival’s signature foods for the contest. Their booth is located near the corner of Union and State streets, in the center of the Festival.

2015: 11.5 pounds of Fried Mushrooms in 8 minutes — World Record stands!

Results of the 4Annual Mushroom Festival National Fried Mushroom Eating Championship

Molly Schuyler now three-time reigning Champion of the National Fried Mushroom Eating Championship consumed 11 pounds of Buona’s fried breaded mushrooms in 8 minutes. For the first time in the contest’s history the world record was not broken.  The 11.5 pounds of mushrooms in eight minutes, which was set by Molly in 2014 stands. Second place went to David Brunelli, devouring 5.5 pounds of mushrooms, and third place to Kevin Ambs with 4.5 pounds of mushrooms.

Excitement reigned at the amateur level of the competition with an eat-off for the Amateur Male category with two contestants both eating 4 pounds of fried breaded mushrooms in the regular 8-minute contest. The winner — Teddy Delacruz — was the first to finish a one-pound serving of mushrooms.

Taking the Amateur Female title for 2015 was Janet Dietz.

2014: World Record Smashed again in the National Fried Mushroom Eating Championship — 11.5 pounds in 8 Minutes!

We thought it was impossible to eat more than a pound a minute of Buona’s breaded fried mushrooms, but Molly Schuyler did it again.  At the 3rd Annual National Fried Mushroom Eating Champions on Sept.6, 2014 — Molly smashed her record by devouring 11.5 pounds of fried mushrooms in 8 minutes.

eating contest 1 eating contest 2 eating contest 3 IMG_3137 IMG_3207 IMG_3232

2013: World Record Smashed in the National Fried Mushroom Eating Championship — 9 pounds in 8 minutes!

When Buona Food”s supplied the fried mushrooms for this year”s eating contest no one had any idea as to what would happen.  The breaded and fried mushrooms were accurately measured into one-pound containers and placed in front of the 20 contestants. When the whistle blew 8 minutes later, Molly Schuyler, of Omaha Nebraska clearly smashed the competition and record by devouring 9 pounds of fried mushrooms in 8 minutes! Shots of the event are below.

1st Fried Mushroom Eating Championship: McDonald sets Fried Mushroom Eating World Record — 5.5 pounds (2012)


The Mushroom Festival kicked-off a new tradition for 2012 with the National Fried Mushroom Eating Contest. This National Championship was the first All Pro Eating sanctioned Fried Mushroom Eating Championship EVER! Jamie “the Bear” McDonald devoured a whopping 5.5 pounds of fried mushrooms in 8 minutes to establish the Fried Mushroom Eating Record!

This event attracted both professional and amateur competitive eaters to the Mushroom Festival”s Special Events Tent on Saturday, September 8.

The results:
1st Place: Jamie “the Bear” McDonald — 5.5 pounds of fried mushrooms –$600.00 / Trophy
2nd Place: Dave Brunelli — 4.75 pounds of fried mushrooms — $300.00 prize
3rd Place: Eric “Silo” Dahl –4.5 pounds of fried mushrooms– $150.00 prize

This event is presented at the Mushroom Festival in cooperation with All Pro Eating Promotions. For questions about the contest, email All Pro Easting Promotions at:

Fried mushrooms were provided by Buona Foods, of Landenberg, Pa.

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