2017 Community Stage

Live music all day, both days of the Mushroom Festival features a wide variety of sounds for all.

Date: Saturday and Sunday
New Location: S. Union and Cypress

Check out these great performers on the Community Stage this year!

Saturday, September 9
12:30pm: Hot Breakfast
2 pm: Steely Jam
3:30 pm: The Jolly What?
5 pm: Pepperwine
6:30: Native Maze

Sunday Sept 10
10:25 am: Community Yoga with Katie Steller
12:30 pm: Hurricane Hoss and the Perfect Storm
2 pm: Swing That Cat
3:30 pm: Josh Komorowski and the Sons of Thunder

Meet the Artists

Hot Breakfast
From their Facebook page:
Don’t let the acoustic guitar fool you; there is plenty of rocking going on here. We’re kinda hard to label. We’re not a comedy band, though we’re sometimes funny (intentionally or not). We’re not a stuffy acoustic duo, though sometimes we play mellow introspective tunes. We’re just as comfy at a punk show as we are at a festival gig. We play mostly originals, but the occasional cover is often a twist on an 80s tune you wouldn’t expect an acoustic duo to tackle. Either way, we’re just happy to give you our love via a fun, high-energy show. Learn more at hot-breakfast.com

Steely Jam
From Steely Jam’s website:
As far as we’re concerned, no other band over the decades has withstood the test of time – with the freshness, groove, wit, and class as the music of Steely Dan. We are a group of musicians committed to not only making it sound like Walter and Donald intended; but also feel the way it’s supposed to feel. Steely Jam proudly pays homage to the sound, the sense of humor and sophisticated social satire that Fagen and Becker created. Check them out on You Tube

The Jolly What?
From their Facebook page:
The Jolly What!, was originally founded in 2007, when Delaware songwriters Mark and Brian composed the chord progressions for a low-fi concept album called “Life Is My Favorite Sport”.
The Jolly What! was reborn in 2010, when Mark and Brian teamed up with a local drummer Curt (Mythica, Phil Knight). Also, the addition of keys player Josh and Guitar Prodigy Matt “Big P” Pulliam helped catapult the band new musical heights!
In 2011, the band self-produced their critically appraised sophomore album, “So, You Wanna Be A Quitter”, which included catchy pop rock hits such as The Pog Collector and Topanga. Check them out on You Tube.

From their website:
The story of Pepperwine begins in the fall of 2010. A guitar player in a punk band yearned to sing properly. He contacted a local music school and was told he would be given vocal lessons by a “bad-ass” vocal teacher – one Kellie Shane. The rest is history.Kellie and Breece first started playing music together in the spring of 2011. Pepperwine’s first gig was at the Saint in Asbury Park, NJ. They have gone on to play such venues as Rockwood Music Hall, The Stone Pony, The Wonder Bar, The Jersey Shore Music Festival, SouperGroove Music Festival, The Millennium Music Conference, Camp Jam in the Pines Music Festival, Maplewoodstock, and The Philadelphia Rock n’ Roll Marathon.In the winter of 2013 Pepperwine with many months of hard work, stress, and missed deadlines, the group released their first ever album, a 5 song EP entitled “Mighty Fine”. This personifies the early sound of Pepperwine.
In the summer of 2014, Pepperwine added a rhythm section (Julian Michalski & Michael Campanile) effectively transitioning the band from an acoustic trio to a fuller sound. They released a 5 song EP entitled “Future Habits” in the spring of 2016.Later that year they added a saxophone player, Mr. Michael Squillace, and have solidified their sound as soulful feel good grooves with some serious booty shaking funk. The band has been busy writing original music, booking gigs, and [shameless] self-promoting – while finding just enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee.They have no plans of slowing down. Somebody needs to save the ears of the world. Somebody needs to take over the airwaves with a fresh new sound. That somebody is PEPPERWINE! Stay tuned…
More on their Facebook page.

Native Maze
From their Facebook page:
Native Maze is making waves with a sound born in the chemistry of five brothers from other mothers. From the driving pulse of rock, to the consolation of reggae, to the eruptions of progressive dance, these guys revel in the musical unknown and manifest their melodic addiction through whichever genre speaks to the moment. Highlights for the young band include headlining shows in Philly, Lancaster, Harrisburg and Williamsport, and opening for Jimkata, The Mantras, Consider the Source, and Dopapod. The journey that began with childhood friends has grown into a magnetic force of good times with great people. Check out this YouTube!

Hurricane Hoss and the Perfect Storm
From her Facebook page
Hurricane Hoss has blown through the juke joints and watering holes of America, the perfect example of a classical good girl gone outlaw. She’s shot whiskey in the Midwestern Wilds, danced to zydeco in Louisiana, fallen in love in the Rockies, and two-stepped on top of broken hearts in Nashville. With fiddle, banjo, and guitar in tow, Hoss sings the stories of her travels and travails, as well as traditional songs of the American experience.
When not portraying the urban gypsy-cowgirl Hurricane Hoss, Sarah Williams Larsen is one of the Northeast’s hardest working fiddle players. An award-winning contest fiddler, classical call-girl, and session player, she’s recently lent her fingers to Dr. Dog, David Mayfield, Ben Arnold, Saskwatch, Mason Porter, and the Hot Club of Philadelphia. She can also be spotted around Philadelphia with her two musical sisters in the multi-instrumental folk trio Ladybird.  More at her website. 

Swing That Cat!
From their website:
Born out of a simple idea and a love of good music, Swing the Cat! is on a mission, with a message: Dance Your Tail Off!
What more could you ask for from a band that sounds like Early Rock and Roll swizzled in Horny Swing, with dash of Cabaret Jazz, and a splash of Bourbon Street.
Formed in 2013, Swing That Cat! has carved out a niche with a seductive sound, and live shows that encourage their audiences to shimmy and shake. Swing That Cat! is not simply a throwback band. Drawing their inspiration from a time when one hand of Swing was moving into Jump Blues, Rock and Roll and the other was headed for Bebop Jazz, their original compositions sound fresh and inventive. If you are not up and dancing, you will still find yourself bopping in your seat. Here’s a You Tube video.

Josh Komorowski and the Sons of Thunder
From Josh’s Facebook page:
I am an Independent (by the true definition) singer, guitarist, songwriter, and musician extraordinaire. I was born in Philadelphia and currently live in West Chester Pennsylvania with my wife and three beautiful children.
I started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 17. I have traveled around North America and sometimes around world but in the last few years have limited performances to the east coast to raise a family, write songs and play locally.
Since 1994 I have shared a stage with many National and Philadelphia artists, some large some small and have performed in music venues that range from 10,000 seats to living rooms.
I wrote and performed as the front man for a Philadelphia based band The Love Syndicate and all of its multiple variations throughout the 7 years of the group’s existence. We independently released 4 full length albums and 4 live limited print albums, along side of many demo’s funded by record labels that never came to fruition. The Love Syndicate’s last release was intended for a 2004 release date and got tangled in the snares of the relentless music business.
Which brings me to the 2005 release of Josh Komorowski – There is always hope. The songs on this recording maintain an autobiographical sense of honesty and truth with a left-of-center approach to its musicality. The melodies are simple and the words are universal with a different nature and style to each track. There is a live, homemade gospel approach to a few numbers that really bring solidarity and closure to all the lyrical turmoil on the recording. This was intended to capture the dominant prevalence of my live performances and quality of their continued strength. They still are in heavy rotation today.
Currently I am performing at small local venues and working on new recordings. If you are a fan thank you for your loyalty and support through the many years. I’ll continue to write songs and perform them if you keep coming to live shows and buying records; after all I am a musician for hire, the good old-fashioned way.

Josh Komorowski and the Sons of Thunder.
Josh – voice and guitar
Tone Whitfield- bass
Jimmy Coleman- drums
Keith Giosa- piano, organ, roads, guitar, voice… whatever.

Learn more at Josh’s website.

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