Community Parade with Dining and Dancing in the Streets

The Mushroom Festival’s annual Community Parade jump started Kennett Square’s fungi celebration. The parade is a celebration of our community and the mushroom industry with this year’s theme: Mushrooms on Parade.

Date: Friday, September 8, 2017
Time : Kicks-off at 6 pm
Location: State Street from Willow to Meredith

Scenes from 2016 “Mushrooms on Parade”

Dining and Dancing in the Streets
Many of the Festival-46 webBorough’s local restaurants along the parade route will bring a few tables out on the street along the parade route. Patrons can enjoy a great dinner and watch the parade go by. Make your reservations early! After the Parade, Good Foot took center stage for some Dancing in the Street!  Check back in August for a list of who is participating.

Once the parade is over, stay in town for Dancing in the good footStreets as Good Foot sets up at Union and State Streets and fills the town with their vibrant sound.


“We Remember” was the theme for 2015’s Community Parade! A special tribute to the volunteer and career professional Emergency Service personnel who are always there to help us when we need them most was held to start the parade. An American flag was hung across State Street. American Legion Post 491 Kennett Square was the Honor Guard and conducted a 21-gun salute. Representatives from the local fire companies, EMS squads, and police departments marched in unison.

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Pre-Parade Entertainment
KMC Dance Illuminations Performance Company entertained the crowds before the parade began.

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Scenes from the 30th Annual Mushroom Festival Community Parade


 Mushrooms on Parade 2014

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Mushrooms on Parade 2013

Friday night before the Mushroom Festival is Community Night. For 2013  our Community Parade, Mushrooms on Parade kicks off along State Street with Dining in the Streets provided by Kennett Square restaurants. After the Community Parade, there was Dancing in the Streets to the sounds of Good Foot.  Check out the scenes below.


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